Fleurenville Age Care Centre




MidCity partnered with Fleurenville to offer state of the art facilities with great benefits and caring services for your elderly loved ones.

Founded in 1998, the Fleurenville care & retirement village is situated in central Pretoria, with our new home in Montana opening soon!

At Fleurenville we understand to care are both an act and a mind-set.

For three decades Fleurenville in Arcadia has been passionate about the wellbeing of the Fleuries that call the centre home. Our new facility in Montana continues with this legacy.   The experienced caring staff will now be complimented by state of the art facilities and equiptment. Fleurenville Assisted Living and Care Centre (FALCC) is a totally unique and new offering in the South African eldely care market.

Fleurenville ALCC is not a normal retirement village. Standard retirement villages require residents to undergo tests to ensure they are not to sickly to be admitted. Fleurenville ALCC specifically caters for elderly persons in need of extra specilalised care. The centre entails specialised accommodation and nursing services specifically aimed at the needs of dementia and physically debilitation patients.

Why choose Fleurenville?

  • Highly Trained Caring and Experienced Staff
  • Various Caring Options Available to suit your needs
  • Modern and Specialised Caring Facilities
  • Spacious, homely and private accommodation
  • Various Social Activities and Events
  • An independent lifestyle with the best care when needed.
  • 24 HR Safety and Security

We look forward to welcoming all Fleuries to this state of the art facility.

For more information please visit http://www.fleurenville.co.za


Letting Agent (Denise): 072 036 9694

Letting Office: 012 426 3400





Career Opportunities

Senior Operational Manager  
2016-06-28 10:35:56 AM

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HR Manager


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